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Inmobiliaria Porto Petro

Kirsten Ekmekci
Apartado de correo 234
ES-07660 Cala dor

Tel: 0034-666145777
Email: info@mallorca-southeast.co.uk

Lawyer in Mallorca

Majorca Lawyers - Lawyers in Mallorca

Despacho Morell® Solicitors- Fausto Morell & Associates

Law Firm Overview
Despacho Morell®, Abogados was founded by Mr. Joaquin Morell y Rovira in 1945 and was one of the first English-speaking law offices in the city.

The Law Office was first located on the mezzanine floor of the Morell Palace, a building constructed in the XVIII century, formerly owned by the Morell family.

Despacho Morell®, Abogados offers its clients the professional services of a highly qualified legal staff.

All the solicitors in the office are prepared, first of all, to prevent and, as the case may be, to solve the economical and legal problems of the clients by seeking and reaching the most useful and effective solution in order to attain the intended objective.

Our law office, since established, specialises in advising individual persons or corporate bodies in their relationship between them or with the Administration.

Our registered office is located in Palma de Mallorca,

although we operate all over the Balearic Islands and we are in collaboration with a wide range of law offices in Spain and other European Union countries.

Despacho Morell®, Abogados, being aware that each client requires a specific treatment/handling adapted to his objectives and to his economical situation as well, therefore considers it essential to personalise its attention to the client and, moreover, to be extremely careful with the negotiation/mediation process aimed at avoiding that the initiatives and acts of the client be decided judicially.

That is to say, we practise preventive law. The professionals and all the staff of Despacho Morell® are, of course, engaged to respect both the deontological code of law and also our own Code of Ethics and Confidentiality.

Foreign Investments, Civil Law, Advise on Construction, Promotion and sale of Real Estate properties, Conveyancing, Company Law, Copyright, Inheritance Law, Family Law, Debt collecting, Urban planning Law, Lease (tennancy) Law, Comunity of owners property Law and International Trade

Real Estate Law.

I.- Integral advice and defence during the process of construction, promotion and sale of real estate properties.

II.- Complete advice in the process of acquisition and sale of real estate property.

III.- Advice on real estate investments, especially foreign investments in Spain.

IV.- Negotiations and drawing up of contracts (purchase-sale, options to purchase, leases, etc.)

V.- Advice on costs (taxes, duties, public deeds, mortgages, banks, Land Registry, etc.)

VI.- Advice on Community of Owners.

VII.- Investigation of the urbanistic situation of real estate properties in Municipalities, Cadastres and Land Registries.

Year this Office was Established: 1945
Our registered office is located in Palma de Mallorca and a branch in Puerto de Andratx. Attorneys in this Office: 3
Attorneys worldwide: 4
Economics: 2
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German