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Inmobiliaria Porto Petro

Kirsten Ekmekci
Apartado de correo 234
ES-07660 Cala dor

Tel: 0034-666145777
Email: info@mallorca-southeast.co.uk

Cala dor


Cala Gran - Cala dor
Cala Gran is in the very heart of Cala dor and is one of the biggest beaches of the town. During the season there are lifeguards watching over the bays. The whole Cala is surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Right next to the beach there are parking facilities, yet in the high season, they are easily booked out. Yet you can always leave your car in one of the streets nearby, where there are mostly holiday homes.
Cala Esmeralda- Cala dor 
Cala Esmeralda is a small and quiet bay only a few minutes walk from Cala Gran entfernt. It is surrounded by hotels, on both sides, in the sommer months it easily gets quite full therefore. In the winter time it is really gorgeous, though. There are very good parking facilitieson both sides.
Cala Ferrara & Cala Serena
On some maps Cala Ferrera is mentioned as a place in the North of Cala D´Or,  building a unit with the bay of Cala Ferrera. In contrast with Cala D´Or belonging to the parish of Santanyi, the area of Cala Ferrera and Cala Serena belong to Felanitx. 
Round about the bay lots of hotels are there to take in the visitors. Parking slots are also available. The way to the bay is a bit complicated, as it is a one way road, so careful not to drive past it ! during the season there are lifeguards on the beach.
Cala Sa Nau
A little bit North of Cala D´Or and actually only reachable by car is the bay of Cala Sa Nau, there is no building in the round abouts ! As tehre are no hotels in the surroundings tthe beach does not get to crowed, even in the season. During the high season the beach bar is open and a lifeguard is available.
Cala Egos
In the South of the harbour of Cala D´Or and near to Porto Petro is the Cala Egos, it has hotels on both sides, and therefore gets quite crowded in the summer. Compared to the other bays of Cala D´Or, this is probably the least attractive one.
Cala des Pou/ Es Forti
South of the harbour of Cala dor is the small bay of Cala des Pou also called Es Forti. It is right at the entrance of the harbour, and one can watch the fisher boats and luxury yachts driving in and out all day long. A kiosk with sanitary services and lifeguards as well as good parking possibilities are available.