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Inmobiliaria Porto Petro

Kirsten Ekmekci
Apartado de correo 234
ES-07660 Cala dor

Tel: 0034-666145777
Email: info@mallorca-southeast.co.uk

Porto Petro

 Cala Mondrago & S´Amrador

 You can reach Cala Mondrago coming from Santanyi, driving through the National Park of Mondrago. There are actually two bays, S'Amrador with a large sandy beach and a light slope leading into the sea, and Es Font Des N´Alis, a little bit smaller, but therefore equipped with two restaurants and boat rental. You can walk from one to the other over a path in the rocks, or you take a good swim.
Both bays belong to the National Park of Mondrago, which has been under governmental protectionever since 1992. At the far end of the street leading towards the beach, there is a large, free  parking facility. Except for two hostels, a few restaurants and some beach bars gladly there is little touristic infrastructure, so that the bays have kept their natural beauty.

Cala Mondrago is quite busy, all day long there are boats coming in and out, some staying over the night, so there is always something to watch!
 Calo des Burgit
Calo des Burgit lays between the bay of  Mondrago and the beach of Cala Barca. The sand is very fine, clean and of a light colour.Sand ist sehr feinkörnig und hat eine helle Farbe. There are some rocks around and the sea is beautifully light blue and clear.
The water is clean.Calo des Burgit iis pretty short and narrow. The way leading to the lovely flat beach is not quite fortified. That is why there are hardly any parking facilities around. Otherwise you may walk over there through the pine forest, coming directly from the Mondrago beach.
Cala Barca
Cala Barca is more or less directly in the sector of IberoStar Hotel Cala Barca". So the beach does get quite crowded by hotel guests. The water is rather shallow, but there are quite a few stones - so watch out ! Shady spaces are best to be found in the afternoon, due to the way teh sun goes by. If you are staying at the Hotel, you will find a very nice beach in Cala Barca. Yet if you have to rent a car to actually drive over, is better off going to S´Amarador, which definately is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area.
Calo de sa Torre
Caló de sa Torre, got its name from a former watch tower, which has been built in 1626 in the very eastern part of the area, to shelter from the pirate attacks. Today there is not much left of it. It is about 4,5 km away from Cala D´Or.
This sandy beach, softly sloping towards the sea, is made up by two bays, which are seperated by a "rock nose". Regarding the rest of the rocky area, the owners of the houses, which are directly next to the beach, have made little staircases into the rocks, so that they have a direct access to the sea.
The water and the underwater conditions are such that the anchoring of larger boats is not recommended, as there quite a lot of shallows. the actual Punta de Sa Torre protects the beach from the winds blowing in. The next harbour is the 
Reial Club Nàutic Portopetro, 0,7 Seamiles away .

Calo des Homos Mortes
Caló des Homos Morts is located in the village of Porto Petro. This small beach is mostly overtaken by the guests of the 5 star "Blau" Hotel. When one arrives at the beach, which is pretty easy, walking from the nearby Caló de sa Torre or by car, parking on the public parking space next to the  Blau Hotel,  a huge pine tree surprises one, Standing there between land and sea, as if it was to welcome the visitors.
The beach and the sea are both used for leisure activities of the Blau Hotel. About 200m away from the beach buoys keep the boats from driving further in, whilst on the left hand side a jetty has been built for the golondrinas, arriving in Porto Petro.
In any case on the sandy ground with algas, you may anchor at a depth of about 5 meters. Though when there is wind blowing in from the eastern part, anchoring around here can be quite dangerous. The next harbour is only 0,6 seamiles away in the Reial Club Nàutic Porto Petro.