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surrounding area

Cala En Tugores

The idyllic Cala En Tugores offers the possibility, way off the mass tourism, to drift away and relax. The bach can only be reached by foot. The next yacht club is in Sant Jordi. A perfect place to get some rest. 
Pure nature in Cala En Tugores. Bathers and anglers will definately enjoy themselves here. The bay is not directly accessible by car, tehrefore it can still be seen as a sleeper. Even in the summer there is enough space for everyone. It is round about a 3km Walk starting from the Cap de Ses Salines.
 Es Trenc
The beach of Es Trenc is well known for its light sandy beach, the dunes and the excellent water quality. There are places for nudists. It is by far the largest natural beach of Majorca, 7 km long and up to 60m wide.  
Es Trenc is "the" beach if you travel to Majorca and is a real must for any visitor - especially on the weekends it can get quite full (on the parking spaces, the beach in itself hardly ever gets crwody, as there is by far enough space for everyone). The water is quite shallow, for a long distance, the sand is gorgeously light coloured, like the Carribeans...
Cala S’Almunia
The Cala S’Almunia is a little bay framed by the rocks, there is no sand beach. You may access it from an old stone staircase, starting in the forestlike backland, or by boat. Because of the difficult access it is a rather quiet place. The clear water and the gorgeous views one enjoys from here are the main features of this beautiful bay on the south eastern coast of Majorca. During a boat trip it is a perfect place to stop for a quick bath.
Cala d'es Moro


A gorgeous, protected bay, surrounded by smelling pine trees. The Cala d'es Moro ist reknown for its clear, blue water and the fine sandy beach. Espeially divers will appreciate the place and find it hard to get oút of teh water again.


Cala d'es Moro lays in midst of beautiful nature on the edge of the protected natural park. This is one of the most natural and beautiful places of all Majorca, and is really a great place for divers who will discover the most interesting underwater world.
Caló des Màrmols
Caló des Màrmols is about 14 Km away from Ses Salines and the last bay on the south eastern coast, on the westside of the parish of.Its name, like the one from the flowing, yet nearly alway dry, torrent, comes from the white colour of teh sand and the surrounding rocks. Màrmol stands for marble.
This pretty shining white beach is caught between precipitous cliffs of 20m height, which give it its triangle shape. Winds from East, Southeast and Southwest nag it.
You have a splendid panoramic view over the archipelago of Cabrera.
The clean translucid water has a sandy ground, mixed with pebbles and shingle. The depth can reach between 3 and 4 meters. 4,2 seamiles away is the next harbour Port de Cala Figuera from Santanyí.
The few bathers which are to be found on this beach, get there by boat. There is a possibility to reach it by foot, coming from the Cap de ses Salines. Yet this is quite a tiresom trip of 5 kilometers, leading through small cliffs, if one does not come through the private Finca Rafal des Porcs (the latter has a path of about 2,5 km directly leading to the beach). Yet you first need to get permission and a bit of information, as there are no signs on the way, and one might get lost !