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Inmobiliaria Porto Petro

Kirsten Ekmekci
Apartado de correo 234
ES-07660 Cala dor

Tel: 0034-666145777
Email: info@mallorca-southeast.co.uk

Porto Colom

 On the south east coast, between Porto Cristo and Cala d'Or, and therefore a bit away from the mass tourism, lays the idyllic village of Porto Colom.

Many Spanish assert that Christoph Columbus was born here, and gave the place it´s name. It is not proved, but the habitants of Porto Colom truely believe it.
As the place grew naturally and not many tourist seem to get lost around there, Porto Colom has kept the typical character of an old fisher village. It gives a good impression of what Majorca looked like many many years ago. In the South of Porto Colom, heading towards the bay of  Cala Marsal, there are a few hotels and holiday apartments, here too. But by far not as many as in Arenal, Magaluf or Pollensa for instance.

Lika a resting antipole is the harbour and the romantic old town, on the other side of the bay. Many fisher still make their living on fishing. Therefore it is not surprising that Porto Colom is famous in the whole island for its restaurants. Equally nice to watch is the beautiful oldtown, of all town centers of Majorca, this one is known as beeing the best kept one. With its small, contorted streets, where loads of shops, bars and restaurants invite to come in and stroll around.Porto Colom has the biggest natural harbour of Majorca, by now it is mostly used by private boats, yet it still is one of the most important fishing harbours of the island.